Luxury cruises for a maximum of four people.

Take a tour of Europe’s most beautiful waterways.

The vessel is 15 metres long and 5 metres wide. With two guest cabins, both en-suite, the vessel also boasts a generously sized living area, sun terrace, dining area and fully functioning kitchen.

Travelling as a holiday

No area in the world offers such a variety of culture, lifestyle and fascinating landscapes as Europe. Many appear along the rivers and channels - and it is these we will be travelling along, on board the new MS-AVALON. The trips are individual and personalised to your tastes. Away from the mass tourism of cruise ships, we travel with just four to six guests. From castles to pubs, to anchored in a beautiful side canal, there is much the waterways have to offer.

Our guests are people who enjoy reading a book and listening to classical music, whilst we are slowly travelling through nature. Our guests are also people who are interested in the history of castles, forts and historical cities. People who have the time to visit a Chateau, taste wine and learn the history of the area (plus exquisite dinners to enjoy!)

The MS-AVALON provides families with children with the holiday experience which is hard to find elsewhere!