An exclusive river boat for an unforgettable holiday

With lots of love for detail and modern technology, the MS-AVALON was created for customised travelling.

A decade of boat experience was poured into the development of the new Avalon. The design of the new Avalon is exactly balanced for a perfect holiday experience on Europe’s inland waters.

Travel with a MS-AVALON to remote spots and places with all the comforts of an exclusive hotel. Enjoy breath-taking landscapes, exciting excursions, stress-free travelling with a unique river boat. The crew on board – Captain Roland and Hotel Owner Petra – are going to provide you with an unforgettable stay, due to their years of expertise.

Avalon History

Roland and Petra have taken trips with guests for 15 years, sometimes sailing the world’s oceans, other times in the quiet and shallow waters of channels and rivers. Travelling the ‘intercoastal waterway’ along the East Coast of the USA, the Hudson River and New York - even up to the Rio Dulce river in Guatemala were all exceptional holidays which remain in everyone’s memories.

The guestbook for that time documents time spent onboard the boat, as well as landtrips and excursions. On board the Avalon, you are able to have independent time to let your soul develop, away from day to day stress. You can truly experience “Glücksperlen des Lebens empfinden” (the lucky pearls of life).

The guests call it: Avalon-Time

Link to avalon-history   guestbook  (German)