River Thames in London – 2016

On the Royal Thames from Hampton Court Palace up to Oxford

The MS-AVALON was built here in England – therefore we have the unique opportunity to be underway on the Thames. These trips are, unfortunately, time limited. Only the pleasant summer months (June – August) are suitable, after which we cross the channel to France and travel South. But in these three months, unique experiences can be booked along the Thames.



The Thames, the heart of England

On this trip you will see great castles and manor houses, and dreamy little villages from a time long past. In addition, many exciting lock passages, plus rustic, cosy pubs with English beer and cider along beautiful landscapes can also be found.


If off the boat, whether on board bicycles or a walk on foot, the green nature and history along the Royal Thames are part of the special Avalon-Time.


Trip course

On Sunday at 5pm, we welcome you aboard with a glass of CHAMPAGNE. The MS-AVALON is anchored in Kingston upon Thames, a 30-minute drive from London and very close to Gatwick and Heathrow airport.

The trip is over the period of seven days (six nights). The river combines history and nature in a unique way. On one evening the kitchen on board the Avalon stays closes, so everyone has the opportunity to explore the traditional cuisine on land during a pub, or historical visit. The trip ends on Saturday after breakfast at 10am.

One way

All trips are one-way trips. The described travel route is exemplary and will proceed in reverse the following week. Please enquire with the office about the start and end point of your trip.


Cabin prices


The Avalon is inclusive of all features and facilities from Sunday at 5pm to Saturday at 10am, including champagne reception, breakfast, snacks and five dinners (one dinner on land excluded), wine and beer. The trip ends on Saturday after breakfast at 10am.


Room – charge per week

Double cabin: £745 per person
In case of single booking: £215 surcharge
Whole boat: £2,645, up to six people (two double cabins + sleeping sofa in wheelhouse)


On board cash

An addition of £250 per person for the board cash applies.