France – Canal du Midi
After the Royal Thames of England, this is the most majestic waterway of France.

‘Canal Royal en Languedoc’, as this canal was known after its grand opening in 1681, is known today as “Canal du Midi”.

For years now the canal has been filled with tourist wishing to know about its "cultural heritage" in the summer months.


In spring, it is very quiet and with sunshine and 20 degree temperatures, the moments belong to Avalon-Time!


Be sophisticated and expect the unexpected!

The Canal du Midi is a long botanic garden.

It is the link between a multitude of incomparable landscapes. Along the beaches of the Mediterranean Sea, through the Etang du Thau, past the wild landscape of the Grand Bief and the vastness of Lauragais – it is witness to a colourful, rich history and a colourful present.

Let’s take some time…

Traveling in the rhythm of the canal means to relax, to take time to discover the landscape, the example of architecture, the people and their culture…and enjoy it.

Then, there is also the history. More than a thousand years old, so impressive that one feels touched.

Carcassonne – Middle Ages fort city (Unesco World Heritage Centre)
Venterac en Minervois – castle and wine cellar
Languedoc – vineyards and small villages

Trip course


1-week trip

On Sunday at 5pm we will welcome you on board with a glass of Champagne. The MS-AVALON is moored at Carcassone, the biggest city from the middle Ages with its 52 watchtowers. There are airports, and getting there and back from Toulouse is easy and cheap.

The trip duration is seven days (six nights) which presents you with the richness of a drive on the Canal du Midi.

Trebes, Marseilette, La Redorte, Bassanlel, Ventenac, La Somail up to Berziers. That means vineyards, cheese dairies, oil presses, markets, old towns and technical masteroieces out of a time long past. This Avalon-Time combines history, French lifestyle and nature.

On one evening the kitchen on board stays closed, giving everyone the opportunity to go on land and experience true French cuisine in a restaurant. The trip end on Saturday after breakfast at 10am, near Berziers.

Two-week trip

The two-week trip is 14 nights and 13 days and offers an impressive variety by more stops on the way towards the Mediterranean Sea. The city Narbonne from the Middle Ages with its large market, the impressive set of locks at Sallèles-d’Aude and out final destination, the small fishing village Marseillan. All of these places would be worth their own trips! This trip has its end-point in Marseillan, rather than Berziers.


One way

All trips are one-way trips. The described travel route is exemplary and will proceed in reverse the following week. Please enquire with the office about the start and end point of your trip.


Cabin prices


The Avalon is inclusive of all features and facilities from Sunday at 5pm to Saturday at 10am, including champagne reception, breakfast, snacks and five dinners (one dinner on land excluded), wine and beer. The trip ends on Saturday after breakfast at 10am.

Room – charge per week

Double cabin: £745 per person
In case of single booking: £215 surcharge
Whole boat: £2,645, up to six people (two double cabins + sleeping sofa in wheelhouse)


On board cash

An addition of £250 per person for the board cash applies.

Royal Canal, the most famous in France, is filled with waterways lined with trees, vineyards and olive groves, picturesque villages with medieval fortresses and lock crossings. in addition, aqueducts, beautiful diverse nature, eating fresh baguette, plaice fillet and oysters, Wine & champagne,  going for a walk, cycling and perhaps a BBQ with classical music and wine (or a rock festival?)