France – the Champagne

A trip through the Champagne – from Reims to Paris

Thousands of years of history, world famous Champagne and the City of Love, Paris. It is Autumn. The tourists have moved on. Avenues, tree-lined streets and vineyards are glowing in the fiery, warm colours of Fall.


It’s time to relish.    AVALON-Time.

 Two canals and one river


…are taking us into the middle of the unique growing area of Champagne.

Exceiting the way through locks which takes the AVALON up the mountain, a tunnel which will take the boat 2.6km thru the mountain and steps of locks bringing AVALON back down the mountain.

Experiences which will stay in your mind.

Let’s take some time…


Time to explore the thousand-year history of Reims, the Champagne bottles stored deep underground and the sunny villages with their French lifestyle.

Then there is Paris, the City of Love with the small, quaint cafes and famous landmarks.

Trip course


Two-week trip


On Sunday at 5pm, we welcome you aboard with a glass of Champagne. The MS-AVALON is moored in Reims. The travel is easy and cheap. There are other options, but one can take the TGV from Paris Charles de Gaulle airport and be there in 30 minutes.

Reims, the start of the journey

A mixture of French lifestyle and a thousand years of history. The gothic cathedral, the place of coronation for French kings and the vault which holds 100km of tunnels for Champagne storage. Mumm and Pommery are the best known bottles. After this, we will be on our way into the heart of Champagne cultivation, Val de Marne. We will pass small Champagne villages such as Conde-sur-Marne, travelling along tree-lined banks and vineyards, which stretch beyond the horizon.



Epernay .    The next stop is the absolute centre of Champagne production

In the labyrinth-like cellars of the city lay 200 million bottles of Champagne. The best known wineries are Möet et Chandon and Mercier. These cellars are world heritage – they are so big; you need to take a train to visit it all!


From here, over the softly flowing Marne, comes Paris. Every day leaves you with great memories – of small French villages, castle excursions (Ludwig XIII), glasses of wine and fresh baguettes.


The trip along the Seine through Paris is an incomparable experience.

Paris, the City of Lights, is one of the truly great cities of the world. The Seine, the elixir of life to the city, flowing past the famous Notre Dame cathedral and the Eiffel Tower, flows through long tunnels and underneath countless bridges.

That’s how the AVALON-Time on the Seine becomes a trip through Paris, in the rhythm of the river and the most important landmarks of the city.


Here your trip ends with the berth in Marina Park, in the heart of Paris.

Be sophisticated – expect the unexpected.


Cabin Prices 

What to expect

The Avalon is inclusive of all features and facilities from Sunday at 5pm to Saturday at 10am, including champagne reception, breakfast, snacks and five dinners (one dinner on land excluded), wine and beer. The trip ends on Saturday after breakfast at 10am.


Room – charge per week

Double cabin: £745 per person
In case of single booking: £215 surcharge
Whole boat: £2,645, up to six people (two double cabins + sleeping sofa in wheelhouse)

On board cash

An addition of £250 per person for the board cash applies


Two-week trips and a plus in all areas

Plus 13 nights instead of 6 nights
Plus additional breakfast, lunch and dinner
Plus the feeling of being able to stay at the end of the week
Plus more time in the region to experience more highlights.

Outward journey

You can reach us directly with the train and with a TGV from Paris Charles de Gaulle, arriving within 50 minutes.


Weather / climate

In October, the Champagne area has the lowest precipitation of the second half of the year.

Average temperature during the day is 15 - 19 degrees Celsius.

Average temperature at night time is 7 - 10 degrees Celsius.


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