There are many topics and there are many stories

A few stories of life we tell here

It is diligent monks who rewind the thread, from the future to the past. It is the pictures which capture the intangible moment of the past. – quote, Skipper.

Thames Houses – Known and unknown, but definitely WEALTHY.

Perhaps they are people like you and I

which shows something special here. It shows that one doesn’t have to be a King in Windsor to have a big house. It is not only the top ten sportsmen and actors. One estate for example, belongs to a Swiss banker.


We keep in simple

Showing only a small part of what one could see from the boat. There is for example, the new house of George Clooney not included yet. It is locaded on an island (yes, there are many islands here) and we will drive up to it together – exciting.


Expect the unexpected

Two years living in England
Do something and you will experience something

We built the Avalon, but we also lived in Cental England. It’s a little like Middle Earth and is far away from busy, touristic London.

The work here is different, and our lives are different. Two years in which we, Roland and Petra lived a special life all alone.



We built a boat

Newly envisaged

to the highest standards for many years of Avalon-Time.

We were looking for an excellent designer for a long time. The demand wasn’t any less than the quality of the SY-AVALON – transferred into a modern river boat for Europe

We found the right designer

A designer with a precise hand like an Italian, clear, stable calculations like a German, and the experience of seafaring like an Englishman.

We found him here in England


Andrew Wolstenholme

Months of planning and within two years, our dreams became a reality. MS-AVALON

All inspections, awards and certifications are approved to the highest standards. We are Category B, which means the MS-AVALON is also approved for high seas.

The CE-standard for the European market confirms that - although our aim is to stay in the most beautiful corners of Europe – that is enough.



The hull

is made of metal, which is cut into pieces which were then welded together.

Fitting out of the ship

Slats are screwed into the metal. Then just  walls, ceilings, plumbing, electrics, control stands, engine, hydraulic system and heating. Oh yes, don’t forget windows and sliding doors. Done.